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Full place name entryWhitbeck/Cumberland
Place NameWhitbeck

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ZS/629Whitbeck"Address to landowners..." by W Pearson.1808Barrow
CQPBO/2/3Cases before Cumberland AssizesThese cases were all tried at Assizes heard in Carlisle. They are mainly dated with reference to the legal calendar and the calendar terms in which the assizes were held. 1863-1919Whitehaven
CQPBO/2Court Files and Papers1863-1920Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2Orders by Bootle Petty Sessions1870-1920Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2/1Bastardy Orders1870-1908Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/1Cases before Bootle Petty Sessions1868-1921Whitehaven
SRDMA/2Treasurer's Department1902-1934Whitehaven
BDLEW/2/5Bootle, Corney and Whitbeck Educational FoundationCorrespondence and certificates.Jan 1933Barrow
YPR 47/2/3Triennial Visitation Report22 Dec 1937Whitehaven
DBT/13/28Stray schedule and deed relating to Whitbeck1772, 1777Whitehaven
SRDMABootle Rural District CouncilDeeds, ledgers, registers of plans and plans1901-1934Whitehaven
DBT/7/482PapersIncluding: copy deeds; plan of school premises adjoining Whitehaven station; vouchers; and accounts, relating to the purchase of land at Whitebeck (plan), Drigg, Egremont, and Millom (2 plans). Relates to Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway Co; 1846 - 1856, 1858 - 1859, 1867 - 1868 1846 - 1868Whitehaven
YDB 79/25New Building, Whitbeck, Millom, Archaeological Evaluation Report19 Sep 2011Whitehaven
DBT/7/444Papers, including plans (2) and copy deeds, relating to the purchase of land at WhitbeckRelates to Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway Co1846, 1850Whitehaven
YPR 47/2/4Correspondence relating to the bequest of William Robinson for the upkeep of graves1952 - 1953Whitehaven
DBT/7/500PapersIncludes plans (7) and copy deeds, relating to the Lancaster, Carlisle and Whitehaven Furness Junction Railway Cos.: the purchase of land and property at: Bolton-le-Sands, Drigg, Millom, Whitbeck, Nethertown (for temporary purposes), Preston Quarter, Whitehaven; compensation for property damaged in Peter and Scotch St., Whitehaven 1844, 1846 - 1853 1844 - 1853Whitehaven
DBH/4/2Barfield EstatePapers concerning the sale of the Barfield Estate at Bootle and Whitbeck [property of the Gibson family]1822 - 1868Whitehaven
BDB 47/1/3/1/70Take Note of Iron Ore Royalty at Whitbeck in the County of CumberlandBetween 1) Right Honourable Hugh Cecil Earl of Lonsdale by Ernest Lonsdale Nanson his agent
2) Right Honourable James William Lowther M.P, Speaker of Commons; Major Christopher William Lowther of Westwood Mayfield, Sussex; William George Frederick Cavenish Bentinck of 78 Harley Street, London, esquire
3) Millom and Askam Hematite Iron Company Limited
Term 3 years. Consideration dead rent of £25 per annum
20 Jan 1921Barrow
YDEC 11/1Conveyance of rent charge payable out of Barfield Farm and other propertiesMr John James to Messers James, Williamson, Parker and Gaitskell7 Sep 1877Whitehaven
YPR 47/2/2Papers concerning the installation of a stained glass window in memory of Reverend WatsonContains copy of the Notice of Meeting (1899) and vouchers for work related to the installation (1899-1900)1899 - 1900Whitehaven
DBT/13/98/2Deed relating to sale of Monk Foss, Whitbeck [release missing]Papers relating to various members of the Hudleston family25 Feb 1777Whitehaven
YCOP/13Photocopy of Inquisition post mortem of William Kyrkby gentHeld at Cockermouth on the 17th July, 36 Henry VIII, [1544]
He died seised of:
1) Twenty six messuages, 200 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, and 1,000 acres of moor in Bottyll, Bolton, Stanton, Cleetor, Gosfurthe, Whytbek, and of Stanton water mill.
The lands etc. in Bootle, Bolton and Cleator (lengthy list of tenants given) were conveyed by deed dated 2 July, 35 Henry VIII [1543] to Nicholas Thornboroughte gentleman and William Walker clerk who were to grant it to William Kyrkby and Isabel his wife for their lives for her jointure with subsequent reversion to the heirs of William. This was effected by deed dated 4 July 1543 (Isabella still alive at date of Inquisition).
Lands etc. in Bootle, Bolton & Cleator worth £10. 6s. 6d.
2) Four messuages, 30 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture in Bolton and Butoll (tenants etc. specified), leased for life to Thomas Parker by deed dated 13 November, 34 Henry VIII [1542].
Value 8s. 4d. p.a.
3) The reversion of eleven messuages, 200 acres of land in Bolton, Stanton, Gosfurthe and Buttole, which Henry Kirkby, brother of William, by deed dated 23 August 29 Henry VIII [1537] granted to Ellen [Elena] Kyrkby for life.
Value £7 p.a.
He died 30 August 35 Henry VIII [1543], and Elizabeth Kyrkby is his daughter and next heir, aged 7 months and 6 days.
17 July 1544Whitehaven
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