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Place NameDean

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YPR 6/339Correspondence file (Charity Commission and Board of Education)1896 - 1904Whitehaven
YDX 491/3/1"The Pirates of the Parish"Dec 1983Whitehaven
YPR 6/254Letter re salaries1922Whitehaven
YPR 6/251Penny bank account book, Dean School1930 - 1942Whitehaven
YPR 6/257Certificate of redemption of tithe rent charge with correspondencew/8/61923 - 1924Whitehaven
YPR 6/340Correspondence file1923 - 1925Whitehaven
YPR 6/344Postages account book1924 - 1943Whitehaven
YPR 6/343Workington Building Society share certificates1925 - 1931Whitehaven
YPR 6/342Bank account book, 1924-1937; statements 1937-421924 - 1942Whitehaven
YPR 6/255Plan of alterations to Dean School1909Whitehaven
YPR 6/247Schedule of title deeds and attached receiptSchedule of title deeds and attached receipt Dean Widows' Home1945Whitehaven
YDX 22/9Lease particulars relating to land in Dean, Lamplugh, and Loweswater leased to Millom and Askham Hematite Iron Company Limited(original file numbers 6/1, 46/1)1943-1945Whitehaven
YPR 6/336Building and maintenance of school house: list of tenders 1924, accounts and vouchers1924 - 1932Whitehaven
CQPC/6/2Plans of proposed alterations to alehouses1908-1966Whitehaven
YPR 6/241Correspondence re accountsCorrespondence re accounts relating to Fidler's Charity1882Whitehaven
YPR 6/491Notebook recording correspondence between Henry Sill and Samuel Sherwen relating to the purchase of the advowson of Dean1825Whitehaven
YPR 6/492Transcript of YPR 6/491Correspondence between Henry Sill and Samuel Sherwen relating to the purchase of the advowson of DeanundatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/337Vouchers in respect of maintenance of the school and school house1937 - 1943Whitehaven
YPR 6/245Savings bank account bookSavings bank account book relating to Dean Widows' Home1935 - 1950Whitehaven
YPR 6/341Miscellaneous correspondence, circular letters, etc1903 - 1942Whitehaven
YPR 6/242Draft letter to Charity CommissionersDraft letter to Charity Commissioners related to Robinson's CharityUndatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/469Valuation of the glebe lands of Dean27 May 1827Whitehaven
YDX 22/5Lease particulars relating to land in Arlecdon, Dean, Frizington leased to Dean Moor Colliery Company Limited(original file numbers 2/1, 43/1)1943-1945Whitehaven
YPR 8/151Bastardy order, Joseph Borrowdale of Dean, paper manufacturer, for child of Elizabeth Jackson1828Whitehaven
YPR 6/474Lease of a parcel of land late part of Dean Common from the Reverend Samuel Sherwen to Mrs Mary Wilson and John Wilson, her son13 Feb 1854Whitehaven
YPR 6/462Declaration of conformity to the Liturgy of England and Irelandby Samuel Sherwen before he was licenced to the Cure of Dean26 March 1822Whitehaven
YPR 6/253Receipts re sales of needlework1904 - 1917Whitehaven
DBH/16/7Dean and Branthwaite Dean and Branthwaite
No title
71 × 52
6" to 1 mile
High Park and Leys, Dean Moor, Branthwaite, Dean, Ullock; L & NW & Furness Joint Railway, reference to Mrs Carters Estates and Lord Leconfield and Mr Curwen's minerals.
DBT/10/28Conveyance of allotment on Lostrigg Common, Dean1869Whitehaven
YPR 6/493Typescript history of "The Sherwens and the Advowson of Dean" By Russell SherwenundatedWhitehaven
SPUCO/12Correspondence and associated materialGeneral administration of the Cockermouth Rural Sanitary Authority, the Port Sanitary Authority Workington and the Cockermouth Guardians of the Poor Law1876-1931Whitehaven
YPR 6/463Licence and faculty granted to Samuel Sherwen, clerk, to perform the Office of Curate in the Parish Church of Dean, with the yearly stipend of seventy five pounds and the allocation of the Parsonage House, Offices and Gardens26 Mar 1822Whitehaven
YPR 6/498Extracts from Exercise Book of County Purveys 1792 By Reverend Miles Tarn, Rector of Dean undatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/239Miscellaneous correspondenceMiscellaneous correspondence relating to Fox's charity1881 - 1944Whitehaven
YPR 6/246Vouchers and correspondence re HomesVouchers and correspondence re Dean Widows' Home1944 - 1955Whitehaven
YPR 6/94Correspondence re Augmentation of benefice, Marshall's and Pyncombe's charities1933 - 1935Whitehaven
YPR 6/238Savings bank account bookSavings bank account book relating to Fox's charity1852 - 1883Whitehaven
YPR 6/237Savings bank account bookSavings bank account book relating to Fox's charity1833 - 1851Whitehaven
DBT/7/300Papers, including lists of tenants and of notices served on owners, relating to land required for the Gilgarran Branch at Dean, Distington and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/310Purchase agreement for land at DeanRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/283Stray purchase agreements of land at Arlecdon and DeanRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1864, 1876Whitehaven
DBT/12/18Draft deeds and papers relating to the sale of property, Dean1916Whitehaven
YPR 6/495Notes by Russell Sherwen on Henry Sill's bankruptcy undatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/501Copy list of Dean parish records deposited at the Record Office, Carlisle, by the Rev O E Bennett5 May 1964Whitehaven
YPR 6/496Typescript history of the Kirkstyle Hall and Kirkstyle HouseErected by Archdeacon William Sherwen in 1912 for the benefit of the parish of Dean (various notes by Russell Sherwen and letters) undatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/497"The Registers of the Parish of Dean" Copy of paper read at Cockermouth on 22 August 1878 by the Reverend W Sherwen, Rector of Dean (1871-1915) (later Archdeacon of Westmoreland)1878Whitehaven
YPR 6/500Notes by Russell Sherwen on the valuation of the Glebelands at Dean in 1827 (source unknown but likely to have been among papers discovered in the Deed Box at St Oswald's, Dean) undatedWhitehaven
DBT/7/62PapersIncluding copy deeds and plan, relating to the purchase of land at Dean for the Gilgarran Branch. 1876 - 1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/77Draft conveyance of land at Cleator, Dean, Distington, Workington and Arlecdonrelating to London and North Western Railway Company1878Whitehaven
YDX 366/45Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale.Sales particulars for Low Wood Hall Farm and Estate, Netherwasdale, auctioned on 8 December 1932. Includes Whitesyke and Foulsyke Cottages; Old Strands; Mill Place; and Harrowhead. The following inns are also included: Castle Inn, No 22 Scotch St, Whitehaven; Manx Smack, Quay St and West Strand, Whitehaven; Canteen, Low Road, Whitehaven; Distressed Sailor, Hensingham; Yew Tree, Dean; Stork Hotel, Rowrah; Oddfellows Arms, Main St, St Bees; Lion and Lamb, Gosforth; Robin Hood, Church St, Egremont; Greyhound, Ennerdale Road, Cleator Moor. Also includes No 1a Market Place, Workington; Nos 3-4 Snebra, Hensingham; a house formerly known as Steam Packet Inn, West Strand, Whitehaven; No 19 West Strand, Whitehaven; No 20 Quay St, Whitehaven; No 40 Aldby St, Cleator Moor; Nos 16-17 Jacktrees Road, Cleator Moor and Nos 1-2 the Result, Corkickle. Includes plan.8 Dec 1932Whitehaven
DBT/7/197Papers, including: plans (2); copy deeds; and bill of complaint, relating to the purchase of land at DeanRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1864 - 1867Whitehaven
DBT/7/219Papers, including: copy deeds; plan; and accounts, relating to the purchase of land at Dean, part of the Curwen estateRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1864 - 1869Whitehaven
DBT/7/383PapersIncluding reports of Directors and statement of accounts (7) relating to the valuation lists of the Parish of St. John (Whitehaven), Lowside Quarter, Hensingham, Dean and Greysouthen. Relates to the Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co and the Cleator & Furness Railway Co1865 - 1870Whitehaven
YDX 22/2Report, copy leases, and lease particulars relating to land in Camerton, Great and Lifton Clifton, Dean, Greysouthen, Winscales, and Workington leased to Allerdale Coal Company Limited(original file numbers 18/1-6)1873-1938Whitehaven
DBT/7/246Papers relating to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway CoIncluding reports of the directors and Statement of Accounts (5), relating to objections to valuation lists of Whitehaven, Cleator, Hensingham and Dean in respect of the Union Assessment Committee Act (1864) 1866 - 1871, 1873 1866 - 1873Whitehaven
DBT/7/223Stray notices (with plans) to deliver particulars of claim for land at: Arlecdon, Lamplugh, Egremont, Cleator and DeanRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1861, 1863 - 1864, 1866, 1870 1861 - 1870Whitehaven
DBT/7/323Stray papers, including: copy deeds (4); plans; and accounts mainly relating to the purchase of land at Cleator, Branthwaite, Dean and Winscales Relates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1854, 1863, 1866, 1868 - 1870, 1875 - 1877 1854 - 1877Whitehaven
DBT/7/90Draft conveyance of land at Cleator, Dean, Distington, Workington, and ArlecdonRelates to London North Western Railway Co1879Whitehaven
SPUCO/12/6Development of local government within the Cockermouth Union1866-1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/93Stray papers relating to London North Western Railway CoIncluding: plans (3); copy deeds; and accounts relating to the purchase of land at Cleator, Winscales, Dean, Workington and Distington (estate of James Robertson Walker deceased) 1863, 1876 - 1880 1863 - 1880Whitehaven
DBT/7/238Papers, including plans (2) and copy deeds, relating to the Marron Junction, and the purchase of land at Dean (part of Lord Leconfield's estate)Relates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1864 - 1867, 1869 - 1872 1864 - 1872Whitehaven
DBT/7/321Papers, including plans (4) and sketch plan, relating to land required at Arlecdon, Dean, Wright Green Station, Winder and Yeathouse StationRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Coundated [1876]Whitehaven
DBT/10/162Abstracts of title of Henry Fraser Curwen to lands in Workington, Harrington and Dean1878Whitehaven
DBT/13/21/1Deed relating to Cockermouth, Lamplugh, Dean, Millom and Lorton1716Whitehaven
DBT/7/264Book of Reference of the Gilgarran Branch and other works at Dean, Arlecdon, Lamplugh and St. BeesRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1874 - 1875Whitehaven
DBT/7/61Stray papersIncluding plans (2) and purchase agreements, relating to the purchase of land at Branthwaite, Dean, Distington, Harrington, Winscales and Workington from HF Curwen, of Workington Hall 1876 - 1878Whitehaven
DBT/7/82Papers, including: plans (2); copy deeds; and accounts, relating to the purchase of land at Dean (for the Gilgarran branch); and a claim for damages by William Harrison JP, of Workingtonrelating to London and North Western Railway Company; 1869, 1876 - 1879 1869 - 1879Whitehaven
YPR 6/175Rate book1860Whitehaven
YPR 6/177Rate book1861Whitehaven
YPR 6/173Rate book1848Whitehaven
YPR 6/176Rate book1860Whitehaven
YPR 6/178Rate bookUndatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/174Rate book1859Whitehaven
YDX 491Theatre Programmes Dramatic production programmes from The Playgoers Club, Workington, (2) The Carnegie Singers (1) and the Dean Players (1).1900-1984Whitehaven
DBT/10/156/1Deeds relating to Dean1696, 1705Whitehaven
YPR 6/45-49Terriers1757, 1867, 1878, 1894, 19081757-1908Whitehaven
YPR 6/244Account bookAccount book relating to Williamson's Charity1882 - 1943Whitehaven
DBT/7/125Minutes of meetings of shareholders (London North Western Railway Co) and papersIncludes reports of the directors of the W.C. & E. Railway Co.; deeds (3) and draft abstract of title relating to lands at Cleator, Distington, Dean, Workington, Arlecdon, Seascale, 1876 - 1880, 1906 1876 - 1906Whitehaven
YPR 6/240Printed order by Board of Education, Educational FoundationPrinted order by Board of Education, Educational Foundation relating to Fox's charity1925Whitehaven
YPR 6/243Correspondence and papers with copy will of Eleanor WilliamsonCorrespondence and papers with copy will of Eleanor Williamson relating to Williamson's Charity1881 - 1916Whitehaven
YDX 366/40Sales particulars for High Dyke Estate.Sale of High Dyke Estate, auctioned on 30 June 1924. Includes plan and correspondence between auctioneers and potential buyers regarding details of the property. Includes Palace How Farm and land within the parishes of Blindbothel, Eaglesfield and Dean.16 Aug 1924Whitehaven
YPR 6/250Cash account book of the managers of Dean voluntary school1903 - 1923Whitehaven
YPR 6/252Correspondence, re Dean schoolCorrespondence from years 1937, 1938 and 1951 - 19561937 - 1956Whitehaven
YPR 6/335Conveyance of a parcel of glebe land at Croft House Farm, Dean, to the Dean Educational FoundationMortgage of the same to the Workington Permanent Benefit Building Society (Redeemed 1931). 11 November 192526 March 1925Whitehaven
YPR 6/338Interpretation by G. Brown, Director of Education, of the terms of the Dean educational charity foundations1932Whitehaven
YPR 6/499"Some Old-time Rectors of Dean", "Our Oldest Register, Parish of Dean", "Parish of Dean at the beginning of the 17th Century", "17th Century Happenings at Deane"Handwritten notes of uncertain origin (but probably by Oswald Bennett, Rector of Dean (1957-1969) in preparation for publication in his monthly parish magazine)undatedWhitehaven
DBT/10/165Release and indemnityRelease and indemnity of: minerals and limestone at Rowrah; Rowrah, Salter and Salter Hall estate; premises and lands at Lorton Hall; New House, Church Style and Bridge End estates Lorton; wood and Fellside estates, Brigham; Cockshot, High and Low Toor Hills estates [Dean] 1884Whitehaven
DBH/15/5/4Papers referring to the Harris family of GreysouthenPapers referring to the Harris family of Greysouthen to: a Right of Way through a field at Dean, and claim for outstanding rents and other monies.1876 - 1877Whitehaven
YPR 6/494Historical notes on living at Dean and copy of indenture of saleRecto: Notes by Russell Sherwen on the acquisition of living of Dean by Henry Sill (1803-4) and subsequent dealings between Henry Sill, George Henry Law (Bishop of Chester) and Samuel Sherwen (1812-1829), verso: Handwritten copy of 1829 indenture of sale between Edmund Hornby, John Bolden, Henry Sill, Samuel Sherwen and William Sherwen relating to the advowson of Dean, Dean Rectory and other propertiesundatedWhitehaven
YPR 6/256Dean parish: Enclosure award and tithe awardYPR6/256/1 Enclosure Map and Court roll 1815
YPR6/256/2 Enclosure onward - flat folder outsize 1815 (location w/8)
YPR6/256/3 Tithe award and map, 1849-1850 in box
1812 - 1850Whitehaven
DBT/28/71DEANPlan of the estates of John Harrison at Branthwaite, Winscales and Pardshaw. W. Mitchell. 76 × 184. 3 ch. to 1". Adjacent landowners; field names; acreages. 1823, 1833Whitehaven
DBT/28/65/1/3DEAN, DISTINGTON, WINSCALES, HARRINGTON, WORKINGTONNo title. No surveyor. 50 × 142, 52 × 137, 29 × 49. No scale. Route of the Gilgarran Branch at Wythemoor, Barfs Sike, Charity Lane, Weather Riggs, Salter Beck, Workington and Moss Bay; parish boundaries, land plot numbers. (Whitehaven, Cleator, Egremont Railway)undated [1876]Whitehaven
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