How do I browse the catalogue?
You can browse CASCAT in a number of different ways. You should also consult our Collection Guide to identify relevant collections. The Guide contains links to take you straight into the right part of the catalogue.

  • Browsing a single collection: Search using a Quick Search or Advanced Search. From your list of search results, select an entry and click on the Reference to see the full catalogue record. Click on the link text next to the Reference field. This will take you to the Collection browser which gives you a 'tree view' of the catalogue. You will see all records within that collection arranged hierarchically. Click one of the tree items to see the full catalogue record for that item.
  • Browsing collections by subject, type and/or location: If, for example, you were interested in seeing all parish or council collections held by a single office, in Advanced search enter a single term such as 'parish' or 'council' in the title field. Select an Archive Centre and then select 'Fonds' from collection level to see only records describig the whole of a collection. This will give you results which will give you an overview of the holdings of our Archive Centres. Additionally, if you know from either our Collection Guide or our catalogue our Reference types, you can use these to browse the collections. For example 'WPR' is used by Kendal for Westmorland Anglican parish records. In the Reference search field you can enter WPR followed by the wildcard symbol * to identify all records with references beginning with WPR
  • Browsing by name or place index terms: You may see in full record view that some catalogue records have been indexed by significant person/corporate names or place names. If this has been done, you will see the name and/or place index terms underneath the record description. To see other catalogue records which have been indexed with the same name or place terms, click on the 'Show related name 'Show related place indexes' links or click on the Name code or Place code reference. This will take you to a view of the name or place index term, with a list of all relevant catalogue records beneath it. You can browse through this list to identify suitable catalogue records.

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