Place codeNA1006
Full place name entryFrizington Parks/Cumberland
Place NameFrizington Parks

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DBH/16/23/6Gilgarran EstateGilgarran Estate
Landshaw Farm
Robert Robertson and Edmund Jackson, Whitehaven
50 × 39
½" to 100'
Farm buildings, buildings along road from Arlecdon to Cleator; some fields with reference to acreages; road to Frizington Parks.
DBT/19/4/2Papers, including take note, relating to the lease of the Goosegreen and Frizington Parks iron ore royalties1910 - 1912, 1914 1910 - 1914Whitehaven
DBT/7/280Papers, including: deed, copy deeds; and plan relating to the purchase of part of Frizington Parks estate, ArlecdonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co; 1861, 1865, 1871, 1875 - 1876 1861 - 1876Whitehaven
DBT/28/36FRIZINGTONFrizington Parks estate. O.S. 136 × 104. 25" to 1 mile. Depths of coal and iron ore workings; boundary of the Frizington Parks estate undated post-1899Whitehaven
DBH/23/2/1Winder Iron Ore Mines, Arlecdon and LamplughDraft lease for 21 years of two small parcels of land part of the Winder estate adjoining the Frizington Parks estate for storing iron ore or rubbish on and for taking off the water from workings upon the Frizington Parks estate 1838

Schedule of fields on the Winder estate with plan undated [c.1840]

Lease of the minerals in and under the Winder estate to J A Tulk, J P Ley and M H Hart, ironfounders of Lowca and Seaton Iron Works for 21 years for a dead rent of £80 a year plus tonnage rent, etc. 1840

Memorandum of the terms of the leasing of land at Winder for agricultural purposes at a yearly rent of £130 1849

Copy power of attorney re J A Tulk's intention to extend the Winder lease 1851

Draft terms of agreement re sharing the cost of building and maintaining the new road from Mr Tulk's new pit on the Winder royalty, sharing the cost of maintaining the present road from Yeat House and the payment of 2d per cart load of ore to Mr Tulk for the use of the road which Tulk rented beside Frizington Hall 1851

Draft terms of agreement for joint occupancy of the roads between the Agnes Pit to the end of the occupation road which enters the parish road near the Griffin Inn, Frizington: that the Eskett Company & Mr Barker would repay Messrs Tulk & Ley two-thirds of the cost of building and maintaining the road 1851

Correspondence re the purchase of land for a new road to join Mr Tulk's 1852

Notes and accounts re iron ore at Winder Pit, Whitehaven 1851-1858

Statements of ore at Winder pit and carted to Whitehaven 1852-1857

Copy probate will of Mrs Agnes Armistead, widow of Whitehaven 1853
1838 - 1858Whitehaven
DBT/7/376/1FRIZINGTONProposed extension of the Frizington Branch of the Whitehaven, Cleator, Egremont Railway to Lamplugh. Kell Brothers, Holborn. 57 × 76. 2½" to 10 chs. Route of proposed branch near Parkside Mining Co.'s tramway and weighing houses; High House; Eskett Mining Co.'s pits; Frizington Parks; and Barkers Pit. undated [1876]Whitehaven
DBT/19/3Copy account of holes bored by Bain & Co. in the Frizington Parks [coal] royalty1871 - 1891Whitehaven
DBT/28/96FRIZINGTONSections of boreholes put down in Frizington Parks Royalty. J.N. 69 × 127. 30' to 1". 55 boreholes undated circa 1900Whitehaven
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