Place codeNA40
Full place name entryCarleton/Egremont/Cumberland
Place NameCarleton

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SRDE/4Public Health Department1942Whitehaven
YPR 13/47Wooden box of glass-plate black and white positive photographs (3.3 ins. square, tape-bound), for lantern lecturesNumbered series, with descriptive titles; some have been re-numbered. Missing items shown by a blank after their number in the list
Most of the subjects are studies of local people outside their houses, in best or working clothes. Several were of private means, but most are local farmers and workpeople. The usual dress for these was:
Men Cap or bowler-hat, jacket, necktie, shirt, waistcoat, corduroy trousers, clogs. Several wore gaiters.
Women Cap or bonnet optional, long dress, apron, clogs.
Children Scaled-down versions of the same dress.
Several details of houses, gardens, gates, roads, pets.
Entries in brackets with dates are from the directories: Bulmer, 1883; Kelly, 1894, 1897, 1910. These are to supplement the labels already on the plates.

The district covered was Irton, Santon, Holmrook, Drigg, and Carleton; also a few in Seascale. Most of the pictures were taken in about 1890-1900. The labels on them are all in the same hand; but the numbers are in a later hand, and several have been changed.

Of particular interest
YPR13/47/2. Drigg Church exterior,
YPR13/47/12 Skating scene,
YPR13/47/16 Cycling,
YPR13/47/17 Sledging,
YPR13/47/18 Golf,
YPR13/47/7, 19 Tennis,
YPR13/47/143,144 Cricket at Holmrook,
YPR13/47/22 - 24 Drigg and Irton Parish Councils 1894-95
YPR13/47/29 and its Rural District Councillor,
YPR13/47/25, 27, and one unnumbered at end Drigg and Irton School groups,
YPR13/47/32 - 35 Holmrook Hall grounds,
YPR13/47/40 - 42 Irton Hall grounds and Hall,
YPR13/47/50 "Eskdale Train" at Miteside,
YPR13/47/86, 92 In Buxton,
YPR13/47/100 Seascale Lifeboat launching.
YPR13/47/107 Parrot in cage,
YPR13/47/120 - 121 Messrs. J L and S L Burns-Lindow
circa 1890s-1900sWhitehaven
YBSC/21/2/1/2Plans of St John Beckermet, showing Beckermet Mines, Carleton and Haile Scale: 1/1250c 1900Whitehaven
YPR 14/6/2Census return for Drigg and Carleton1831Whitehaven
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