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Place NameMoresby

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YDX 346/2Gillhead, Moresby1837-1845Whitehaven
DH/522Moresby Hall, Church and ChapelTwentieth centuryWhitehaven
YDX 346/1High Common Gate, Moresby1810-1834Whitehaven
YDX 346/8Howgate Field, Moresby - Whitehaven
YDX 346/4Common Close/Common Gate, Moresby - Whitehaven
YDX 346/6Brocklebank family and the Manor of MoresbySee also YDX 346/5/ - Whitehaven
YDX 346/11Miscellaneous title deeds and related papers associated with Moresby - Whitehaven
YDX 346/1/14Abstract of title relating to High Common Gate(1810-1829), late the property of Henry Birley1834Whitehaven
YDX 485/1Plan of proposed reconstruction of Orchard House, Moresby for Joseph PaisleyPlan of Orchard House: Scale 8ft to 1 inch, by JN Singleton, Architect, Whitehaven. In colour showing elevations, sections, floor and ground plans.1910Whitehaven
YDX 346/8/2Notice to Henry Bragg to quit field at HowgateJul 1809Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/3Land tax certificate for Terence McDonald's property in Moresby25 Jul 1799Whitehaven
YDX 346/6/1Letter from Captain Joseph Riggs, Workingtonto Mr Brocklebank, ropemake, Whitehaven regarding acquisition of land in Moresby11 Oct 1807Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/1Lease for a year of Towlow/Commonsidebetween Terence McDonald, mariner, of Whitehaven and Jacob Wheelwright, mariner, of Whitehaven1764Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/3Release of dower relating to Gillheadbetween Jane Kilner, widow, of Parton and William Kilner, mariner, of Parton2 Feb 1746Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/8Bargain and sale of Common Closebetween Mabel Winder, widow, of Moresby and Joseph Winder, her son and mariner, of Parton15 Oct 1742Whitehaven
YDX 346/11/6Laboratory analysis of soil samples taken from Mrs W Burnyeat's Millgrove estateby Robert Hellon, County Analyst, Whitehaven4 Sep 1912Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/2Admission (printed) of Terence McDonald to a closecalled Commonside (Manor of Harrington)17 Mar 1787Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/7Letter from the steward of the Manor of Harringtonto Mr Brocklebank, ropemaker, of Whitehaven regarding his son's admittance to Commonside1 Apr 1815Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/6Lease and release of property at Gillheadfrom John Raney, merchant, of Whitehaven to John Birkett, merchant, of Whitehaven27-28 Dec 1809Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/15Schedule of deeds relating to High Commongate and Gillhead estates, Moresby, 1688-18811881Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/10Bond of indemnity regarding Commonsidebetween John Brocklebank, ropemaker, of Hazel Holme and Ralph Brocklebank, merchant, of Liverpool, and Milham Hartley of Rosehill31 Mar 1836Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/3Conveyance relating to Common Close and Grayson's tenementbetween Thomas Fletcher of Moresby and John Bowman, blacksmith, of Ullgill and Isabel Bowman his wife30 Oct 1704Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/5Letter from the steward of the Manor of Harringtonto Mr Brocklebank, ropemaker, of Whitehaven regarding the claim to the tenement Commonside, once of the late Terence McDonald3 Mar 1815Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/2Conveyance of Gillheadfrom Sir James Lowther, esquire, of Whitehaven and Edward Killner, yeoman, of Moresby10 Mar 1715Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/16Conditions of sale for Gillhead,annotated with purchase details by William Martin, boilersmith, of Parton from Gilfrid William Hartley of Argyllshire20 Sep 1904Whitehaven
YDX 346/6/4Bill to John Brocklebank for costsincurred acquiring property in the Manor of Moresby1829Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/8Enfranchisement of customary tenement Commonsidein the Manor of Harrington from Henry Curwen, esquire, of Workington Hall, to Ralph Brocklebank, merchant, of Liverpool15 Mar 1836Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/4Survey of fields called Towlow, Moresbybelonging to Terence McDonaldundated pre 1815Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/1Bargain and sale of Common Closebetween Matthew Straughton, mariner, of Whitehaven and Eleanor Straughton, widow, of Common Close
and Jane Piper, widow, of Low Common Gate
7 Oct 1702Whitehaven
YDX 346/8/4terms for the sale of a field at Howgate,property of John Fisher and Isabella McCreedy purchaser: Richard Sherwen, gentleman, of Whitehaven24 Nov 1809Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/7Bond relating to Gillheadfrom John Birkett, merchant, of Whitehaven to John Raney, merchant, of Whitehaven28 Dec 1809Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/2Indenture relating to a bargain and sale of Common Closebetween Jane Piper, widow, of Low Common Gate, and Matthew Straughton, mariner, of Whitehaven and Eleanor Straughton, widow, of Common Close7 Oct 1702Whitehaven
YDX 346/8/3Sales paper of a field at Howgate,property of John Fisher and Isabella McCreedy, with bidding details24 Nov 1809Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/6Copy admittance of Ralph Brocklebank, minor, to Commonsidein the Manor of Harrington18 Mar 1815Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/7Bond of indemnity regarding Common ClosebetweenWilliam Askew, shipcarpenter,of Whitehaven and Bridget Askew his wife and William Winder, yeoman, of Whitehaven and Mabel Winder his wife28 Mar 1721Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/11Abstract of title relating to Towlow 1748-1836,purchased by Mrs S F Burnyeat from Gilfrid William Hartley1836Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/9Copy probate of the will of Esther Winder, widow, of PartonIncludes bequest of Common Close1782Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/4Conveyance of Common Closebetween William Wood, mariner of Whitehaven and Mary Wood his wife, Jane Sanderson, widow, of Whitehaven, and Edward Kilnar, yeoman, of Moresby20 Jan 1714Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/5Bond of obligation regarding Common Closefrom Stephen Matthews, yeoman, of Dublin, and Thomas Hoult, gentleman, of Dublin to William Winder, yeoman, of Moresby and Mabel Winder his wife12 Apr 1721Whitehaven
YDX 346/5/9Lease and release of Commonside (otherwise Towlow)from John Brocklebank, ropemaker, of Hazel Holme and Ralph Brocklebank, merchant, of Liverpool, to Milham Hartley, of Rosehill30-31 Mar 1836Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/5Probate copy of the will of Thomas DickinsonIncludes bequest of Gillhead20 Aug 1791Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/8Will of John Birkett, merchant, of WhitehavenIncludes bequests of Gillhead and other property in Moresby1816Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/17Papers relating to the conveyance of Gillheadfrom Mr W Martin to Mrs S F Burnyeat, Millgrove1910Whitehaven
YDX 309/9Hartley family papersCorrespondence, papers, copy documents, articles and photographs relating to the Hartley family of Whitehaven, Gillfoot and Moresby.1960s-1990sWhitehaven
YDX 309/8Hartley family papersCorrespondence, papers, copy documents, articles and photographs relating to the Hartley family of Whitehaven, Gillfoot and Moresby.1960s-1990sWhitehaven
YDX 346/2/10Deed of Exchange re Gillhead, Moresbybetween John Jackson and Dickinson Birkett9 February 1838Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/12Abstract of Title for Gillhead, Moresbylate the property of Dickinson Birkett22 May 1845Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/11Deed for part of Low Common Gatebetween Henry Piper and William Kilner & Ann his wife23 December 1743Whitehaven
YDX 346/1/17Abstract of Title of Mr John Birley to an estate called High Common Gate1832Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/8Feoffment of Croft Footfrom Henry Fisher, of Croft Foot, yeoman to John Fisher of Distington, mariner29 December 1715Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/3Final concord for a property in Moresbybetween Peter How, plaintiff, and Daniel and Sarah Stephenson, deforciants12 November 1751Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/13Copy release and assignment of Gillhead, Moresbyupon trust for the benefit of creditors from Dickinson Birkett to Messrs Jefferson and Dawson2 January 1845Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/18Final concord for a property in Moresbybetween Thomas Dickinson, plaintiff and Richard Stanley and Isabella his wife, deforciants2 November 1773Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/14Conveyance of Gillhead, Moresbyfrom the assignees, on account of debts owed to creditors, of Dickinson Birkett and Jane his wife, to Gilfrid William Hartley Esq13 June 1845Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/4Lease and Release of High Common Gate and Cragland/ Croft Footbetween George Irton et al, on behalf of Daniel Stephenson, merchant, a bankrupt and Rev Curwen Hudleston of Whitehaven1-2 November 1758Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/6Lease and mortgage of Crag Land/Croft Footbetween Rev Wilfrid Hudleston, Whitehaven and Joseph Wilson, mariner13-14 November 1774Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/7Lease and release of High Common Gate and Croft Foot/ Crag Landfrom Mr John Hudleston of Whitehaven, gentleman to Rev Wilfrid Hudleston of Whitehaven28-29 April 1786Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/5Feoffment of Croft Footfrom Joseph Fisher of Distington, yeoman, to Henry Fisher of Whitehaven, mariner21 October 1772Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/10Bond at Collateral Securitybetween Henry Corkeram & James Mainwaring and William Winder & Mabel his wife for Common Gate, Moresby12 April 1721Whitehaven
YDX 346/11/7Final Concord for a property in Moresbybetween Sir James Lowther plaintiff and John Sanderson, deforciant8 September 1734Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/9Bond against wife's dower, relating to Croft Foot/Cragg Croftbetween John Fisher, pier master of Whitehaven and Rev Wilfrid Hudleston of York19 February 1810Whitehaven
YBSC/13Moresby Coal Company Limited1880-1953Whitehaven
YBSC/21/5/2/3OS sheet showing Workington Iron and Steel Company property in Parton, Moresby and PicaScale: 6"=1mileundatedWhitehaven
YBSC/21/5/7/6Plan of Moresby showing station, church, school, mission hall and reading roomScale: 6"=1 milec 1900Whitehaven
YDX 304/9Parish of Moresby Field Names and DivisionsCopy plans drawn by Mr Lowther(1700-1850)Whitehaven
YPR 15/25Terrier and Inventory1908Whitehaven
YPR 8/106Removal order, William Briggs and family to Moresby1769Whitehaven
SRDE/2/4Treasurer: Rate Books1934-1952Whitehaven
YPR 15/74Two certificates of Redemption of Tithe Rent charge, with a schedule of altered apportionment, with plan1921Whitehaven
YPR 15/23Terrier and Inventory of Moresby (draft)1891Whitehaven
DBT/11/17Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyAccount of (butter) churned1901 - 1903Whitehaven
YDX 484/3/1Abstract of Title of James Hugh William Lowther 7th Earl of Lonsdale relating to land in parish of MoresbyAlso includes details of land searches1959Whitehaven
DBH/23/1/3Commutation of Moresby tithesSchedule of Moresby tithes, listing landowners and occupiers and amounts of Poor Rate assessed on lands subject to tithes 1837

Provisional articles of agreement for the commutation of Moresby tithes with schedule of lands within the parish and new payments 1837

Summary of the apportionment of the rent charged in lieu of tithes in Moresby 1839

Correspondence re tithe apportionment 1839
1837 - 1839Whitehaven
YDX 484/3Abstract of Title of relating to land in parish of Moresby1959-1960Whitehaven
DBH/3/26William BurnyeatDeeds and papers relating to the estate of William Burnyeat of Moresby1930, 1936Whitehaven
YPR 15/26Terrier and Inventory1935Whitehaven
DBT/11/14Stock book of Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at Moresby1890 - 1903Whitehaven
YPR 15/72Bundle of papers relating to tithe redemption1920-1921Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/10Final Concord regarding a property in Moresbybetween Curwen Hudleston, plaintiff, and Daniel Stephenson & Sarah his wife, deforciants11 May 1760Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/17General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area' [ie Hensingham and Keekle, Moresby, Preston Quarter, Sandwith, Ennerdale]1936-1937Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/21General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1938-1939Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/19General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1937-1938Whitehaven
SRDE/4Public Health Department1942Whitehaven
YDX 484/3/2Supplementary Abstract of Title of H Brown relating to land in parish of Moresby1960Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/33General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1944-1945Whitehaven
YPR 15/24Terrier and Inventory1894Whitehaven
YBSC/2/1/1/38BCopy lease of mines and seams of coal under lands in the Parish of Moresby in the County of CumberlandThe Coal Commission to United Steel Companies Limited.
With plan.
29 September 1943Whitehaven
YPR 15/73Certificates of Redemption of Tithe Rent charge [3]1921Whitehaven
DBT/13/36/4Articles of agreement relating to the purchase of property in Moresby previously belonging to the Overseers of the Poor1800Whitehaven
DBT/13/89Stray sale particulars relating to: Moresby, Egremont, Cullercoats, Coulderton and WhitehavenRelating to the estate of Rev Andrew Hudleston; 1753, 1852, 1854, 1887, 1890 1753 - 1890Whitehaven
DBT/11/20Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyInsurance policies relating to horses1904Whitehaven
DBT/12/94Title deedsIncluding copy wills of: John Troughear (Whitehaven shoemaker), Edward Dunn (Whitehaven blockmaker), William Thompson (Whitehaven mason) and Rebecca Dunn (Whitehaven widow) and associated papers relating to the sale of properties in Church St., and Duke St., Whitehaven and at Moresby 1707 - 1820Whitehaven
DBT/11/19Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyAccount of milk delivered Estate accounts and repairs; 1902 - 1903; 1904 1902 - 1904Whitehaven
DBT/7/503PapersIncludes: Parliamentary Notices to land and property owners, lessees and occupiers; and Bill to authorise the construction of the Cleator, Workington Junction Railway, relating to: the Cleator Workington Railway, the W C & E Railway, and land required at Distington, Cleator, Hensingham, Moresby, and Workington 1867, 1875 - 1876 1867 - 1876Whitehaven
DBT/7/275Book of Reference of the Moss Bay Extensions and Whitehaven Branch at Distington, Harrington, Workington and MoresbyRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
DBT/11/15Tradesmen's account books (7): butchers, fishmonger, grocers, tea dealer relating to Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at Moresby1894 - 1903Whitehaven
DBT/11/16Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyAccount of wages paid1900 - 1903Whitehaven
DBT/11/18Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyAccount of milk, cream and butter delivered1903Whitehaven
DBT/13/38/7Deeds relating to property and freestone quarry at Moresby1741, 1765Whitehaven
DBT/7/70Papers, including copy deeds and plan, relating to the purchase of land at Moresby and St Bees1877 - 1878Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/4Lease and release of Gillheadbetween Joseph Wilson, esquire, of Cross, Moresby and Anthony Hodgson, blacksmith, of Distington, surviving trustees of William Fisher to Thomas Dickinson and his wife Mary Dickinson, of Parton9 Dec 1784Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/11London Gazette announcing assignment of real and personal estate by Dickinson Birkett, sugar refiner of Whitehaven toRobert Jefferson, merchant, of Whitehaven and John Dawson, merchant of Whitsugar refiner, of Whitehaven to Robert Jefferson, merchant, of Whitehaven and John Dawson, merchant, of Whitehaven, principal creditors14 Jan 1845Whitehaven
YDX 346/1/16Covenant to produce deeds relating to High Common Gatebetween Rev Andrew Hudleston of Whitehaven and Sarah Hudleston, late of Handsworth now of the City of York, and Milham Hartley of Rose Hill, Esq13 March 1832Whitehaven
YDX 346/3Croft Foot/Cragg Croft - Whitehaven
YDX 346/5Commonside, Moresby (otherwise known as Towlow)see also YDX 346/6/ for Brocklebank family - Whitehaven
YDX 346/8/1Marriage settlement relating to Howgatebetween Jane Grayson, widow, of Whitehaven aand Henry Benn, shipcarpenter, of Whitehaven, on the marriages of Eleanor Grayson, spinster, of Whitehaven. Also relates to property on Schoolhouse Lane, Whitehaven1757Whitehaven
YDX 346/4/6Conveyance of Common Closefrom Henry Cockeram, yeoman, of Dublin and Eleanor Cockeram his wife,Stephen Matthews, yeoman, of Dublin and Jane Matthews his wife, and William Askew, shipcarpenter,of Whitehaven and Bridget Askew his wife to William Winder, yeoman, of Whitehaven and Mabel Winder his wife28 Mar 1721Whitehaven
YDX 346/11/4Papers relating to the will of Henry Fisher, and the bequests of Isabella Souter/Stuter (who held an interest in Cragg Croft, Moresby)Includes list of grandchildren of Isabella Souter(d1805) for the purposes of payment of legacies; list of date of decease of various people relating to the will of Henry Fisher (d1802)1809Whitehaven
YDX 309/10Armitstead family papersCorrespondence, papers, copy documents, articles and photographs relating to the Armitstead family of Whitehaven, particularly the Rev Richard Armitstead of Whitehaven (1765-1821) and Richard Armitstead of Whitehaven, solicitor (1797-1859).1960s-1990sWhitehaven
YDX 346/1/15Lease and release of High Common Gate, Moresbyfrom George Dent, gentleman of Whitehaven and Catherine his wife, to Daniel Stephenson, merchant of10-11 November 1748Whitehaven
YDX 346/3/2Final concord regarding a property in Moresbybetween Daniel Stephenson, plaintiff, and George and Catherine Dent, deforciants for one messuage in the parish of Moresby29 September 1748Whitehaven
YDX 346/1/18Final Concord for a property in Moresbybetween Wilfrid Hudleston, plaintiff and Joseph McCreedy and Isabelle his wife, deforciants21 January 1775Whitehaven
DBT/7/266Parliamentary Notices to owners, lessees, and occupiers of land required at Distington, Harrington, Parton, Moresby and WorkingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875Whitehaven
DBT/7/295Parliamentary Notices, to owners, lessees, and occupiers, and paper, relating to land required at: Distington, Harrington, Moresby, Parton, Workington and FrizingtonRelates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1875 - 1876Whitehaven
DBT/10/150Title deeds (14), vouchers and papers relating to Fawcett's estate at Little Clifton and Moresby1689 - 1769Whitehaven
DBT/11/14-20Joseph Dalzell's dairy farm at MoresbyWhitehaven
TNCB/6/73Moresby CollieryPostcard of Moresby Colliery tokenundatedWhitehaven
TNCB/6/72Moresby Coal CompanyDirectors' report for the Year ending 31st March 19231923Whitehaven
DBT/7/111Papers, including: plans (5); copy deeds; and accounts, relating to the purchase of land at Distington, Parton, and Moresby from Lord Lonsdale, 1877 - 1882, 1884 - 1885 Relates to London North Western Railway Co1877 - 1885Whitehaven
PH/1578/14Moresby rectoryc1902Whitehaven
DBT/13/43/1Deed relating to Moresby collieries1723Whitehaven
YDX 346/2/9Lease and Release of Gillhead, Moresbybetween Dickinson Birkett of Whitehaven, sugar refiner, and Frederick Blow Birkett of London, gentleman25-26 April 1837Whitehaven
PH/1578/9Moresby Churchc1910Whitehaven
YPR 15/70Bundle of papers relating to the payment of tithe, including plan of "lands in the Parish of Egremont the Property of Mr. Dean" which is a tracing of a plan of 1811, and a plan of Hagget End1896-1914Whitehaven
DBT/13/25Release relating to Moresby1766Whitehaven
DBT/13/24Stray deeds relating to Moresby1740, 1757, 1765 1740 - 1765Whitehaven
YPR 15Moresby, St Bridget ParishRegisters , Terriers, Burial Board, Mission Room, Schools, Tithe; Fabric, Miscellaneous, Parochial Church Council, Incumbent, Churchwardens, Statutory1717-1997Whitehaven
DBT/7/302Parliamentary NoticesTo owners, lessees and occupiers of land and premises, required at: Harrington, Distington, Moresby, Parton, Workington, Frizington, Arlecdon and Winscales. Relates to Whitehaven, Cleator & Egremont Railway Co1876Whitehaven
DBT/10/194Bundle of draft deedsRelating to: Drigg, Whitehaven, Hensingham, Seascale, Beckermet, St Bees, Egremont, Lamplugh, Bransty, Frizington, Gosforth, Arlecdon, Moresby 1879 - 1911Whitehaven
DBH/2/75WhitehavenDeeds, including plan (1798), relating to dwelling house, ground and premises in King Street; dwelling house, office, garden and premises in Lowther Street and Schoolhouse Lane, Whitehaven; and premises at Moresby.1791 - 1838Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/29General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1942-1943Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/25General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1940-1941Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/31General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1943-1944Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/27General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1941-1942Whitehaven
SMBWH/2/4/23General rate and water rate charges: 'Added area'1939-1940Whitehaven
CQPWH/8/1Register of Licenced PremisesIndexed register for the division of Whitehaven. Provides full details of public houses, ownership, tenancies, occassional licenses, extensions to licences, charges and objections to renewal. Details for premises in Arlecdon, Beckermet, Cleator Mooor, Distington, Drigg, Egremont, Gosforth, Haile, Harrington, Irton with Santon, Lamplugh, Lowside Quarter, Lowca, Moresby, Netherwasdale, Parton, Ponsonby, Santon Bridge, Sandwith, Seascale, Whitehaven, Weddicar.1893-1968Whitehaven
YPR 15/169Register of marriages1970-1993Whitehaven
YDX 346/6/5Lease and release from William Earl of Lonsdaleto John Brocklebank of property in the Manor of Moresby5-6 Nov 1829Whitehaven
SRDEEnnerdale Rural District CouncilMinute books, attendance book, registers, letter books, contracts, rate books, plan registers etc1922-1974Whitehaven
YPR 15/170Register of marriages1994-2020Whitehaven
YBSCBritish Steel Corporation, CORUS and predecessor companiesComprises records of the British Steel Corporation, the United Steel Companies, the Workington Iron and Steel Company, the Harrington Iron and Coal Company, Cammell, Laird and Company, the Moss Bay Hematite Iron and Steel Company, the Distington Hematite Iron Company, Beckermet Mining Company, the Bigrigg Mining Company; the St Helen's Colliery and Brickworks Company, the Risehow Colliery, Coking and By-product Company, the Egremont Mining Company, the Moresby Coal Company, the Cumberland Storing Company, the United Coke and Chemicals Company, Workington Blackstone Slag Limited, the Distington Engineering Company, the Workington Harbour and Dock Board, Harrington Coke Ovens Limited and the Maryport Motor Benzole Company.
The records include: title deeds for land in and around Workington, Egremont and Beckermet; minutes from company directors and committees; production records for the steelworks and the mines showing the levels of production and quality testing; files relating to various projects; financial records; material printed by the companies, such as Works newsletters; a large number of maps and plans and a very large number of photographs.
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