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Place NameSeascale

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YDX 1/19Photograph of Seascaleundated c 1950sWhitehaven
YDSO 66/1Photographic scrapbookColour photocopy of photographic scrapbook compiled by Seascale Women's Institute entitled 'Life in our village at the end of the 20th century'.2000Whitehaven
YDX 335/17Photographs (colour) of Sellafieldundated 1980s-1990sWhitehaven
DBT/8/100Papers relating to a nuisance from a lime heapBelonging to L. Furguson, builder and contractor, of Workington, to tenants of houses near a school at Seascale 1901Whitehaven
YDX 462/3/2Seascale railway bridge mirror1983Whitehaven
SPUW/14Other Legal Papers1903Whitehaven
YDX 462/3/1SeascaleHerding Neb
The beach
The railway bridge mirror
Railway shed and water tower
YDX 462/3Seascale1980-1986Whitehaven
YDSO 100/6Handicraft Exhibition NotebooksContaining exhibition class and points for placements1974-1984Whitehaven
YDSO 100/3Secretary's Records and Notes1971-2003Whitehaven
YDSO 100/1Minute Books1962-2001Whitehaven
YPR 39/8/1Electoral RollUndatedWhitehaven
SRDMA/2Treasurer's Department1902-1934Whitehaven
SRDMA/3/4Lists of Plans1905-1934Whitehaven
YDSO 100/4Register and Subscriptions1967-1969Whitehaven
YDSO 100/2Secretary's Annual Reports and Programme of Events1963-1986Whitehaven
PH/1612/3The Banks looking North, SeascaleFrom Auntie Mysie at home? in Rotherham, gardening, curious textcirca 1930Whitehaven
DBH/23/3/15Seascale Mineral Exploration Co. LtdCopy memorandum and Articles of Association 1906

Copy correspondence re the desirability of winding up the company in which T H Brockbank held 1000 shares 1912

Copy reports of the Directors of the Company 1911, 1914

Letter re division of assets 1915

Weekly boring reports of the joint borehole at Boonwood, Gosforth 1906-1908

Weekly boring reports of no. 1 borehole, Seascale 1907-1909
1906 - 1915Whitehaven
YDX 600/3/4B5344 Seascale to HolmrookLegend with Seascale Defects Call Typec2000Whitehaven
YDX 525/3/1Seascale Calendar1997Whitehaven
YDX 524/1Guide Book for Women Patrols, printed by National Union of Women WorkersPrinted manual of instructions belonging to Audrey Jackson of Seascale (Barrow Branch). Includes notes of dress, drill, and observation.c1918Whitehaven
YDX 526Seascale ReviewThe Seascale Review was a typescript magazine featuring contributions by locals on various topics, mainly philosophy, religion, science, poetry etc1941Whitehaven
YDX 525/3Seascale1997, 2000Whitehaven
DBT/6/307Stray papers including: lease of property at SeascaleRelates to the estate of John Graham, iron merchant and shipowner of Whitehaven1888 - 1916Whitehaven
DBT/10/167Mortgage of properties at Gosforth, Seascale, Drigg and Cleator Moor1887Whitehaven
YDX 567/3/3Postcard of Egremont castle ruinsTo Master H Eilbeck, Railway Terrace, Seascale, from Sydney8 August 1907Whitehaven
SRDMABootle Rural District CouncilDeeds, ledgers, registers of plans and plans1901-1934Whitehaven
DBT/12/61Draft deeds, plan and papers relating to the purchase of land and property [Seascale]1912 - 1913Whitehaven
DBT/7/499PapersIncluding: plans (2); deeds; and conditions of sale of building ground on the Furness Railway Company's estate, Seascale, relating to the purchase of land at St Bees and Lowside Quarter. Relates to Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway Co; 1846, 1853, 1872, 1906, 1914 1846 - 1914Whitehaven
DBT/9/38Lancelot Furguson, builder [of Gosforth] v. Miss A Hodgson, of SeascalePapers, including vouchers and specification, relating to claim for debt for building a house at Seascale 1903 - 1906Whitehaven
DBT/10/87Stray draft conveyances - property at Seascale1910Whitehaven
DBT/12/119Draft deed and paper relating to the transfer of mortgaged and freehold property, Seascale1920Whitehaven
DBT/12/152Draft agreements and accounts relating to the tenancy of "Golfthwaite", Seascale1913, 1915Whitehaven
DBT/26/20Papers relating to the proposed erection of a pier at Seascale1902Whitehaven
DBT/7/43/1 - 3Title deedsIncluding seabank stinting agreement (n.d.) and mill arbitration (1726) of Seascale, Gosforth and Muncaster, plans and papers relating to the sale of part of Isaac Leech's estates to the Whitehaven & Furness and subsequently the Furness Railway Co. 1679 - 1877Whitehaven
PH/1561/15Postcard to Elsie Steele of Croft Lodge, BeckermetFrom G Wilson, Calder House [Calder Girls School], Seascale30 July 1905Whitehaven
DBT/7/125Minutes of meetings of shareholders (London North Western Railway Co) and papersIncludes reports of the directors of the W.C. & E. Railway Co.; deeds (3) and draft abstract of title relating to lands at Cleator, Distington, Dean, Workington, Arlecdon, Seascale, 1876 - 1880, 1906 1876 - 1906Whitehaven
DBT/7/497Papers relating to Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway CoIncluding: bond; copy deeds; vouchers; and accounts, relating to the purchase of property in Cleator and Scotch, Peter and Charles Street, and Harrison's Court, Whitehaven, and land at Bootle, St Bees, Seascale, Millom and near Silecroft Station 1851 - 1853, 1855 - 1858, 1862, 1878, 1886 1851 - 1886Whitehaven
DBT/10/194Bundle of draft deedsRelating to: Drigg, Whitehaven, Hensingham, Seascale, Beckermet, St Bees, Egremont, Lamplugh, Bransty, Frizington, Gosforth, Arlecdon, Moresby 1879 - 1911Whitehaven
DBT/10/195Stray draft deedsRelating to 'The Royal Oak' Lamplugh; 48 East Road, Egremont; 43 Crossfield Road, Cleator Moor; 'Vale View', Whitehaven; Townend Estate, Seascale; and land at Galveston County Texas (oil, gas and mineral lease, partly blank). 1907, 1909 - 1910, 1920, n.d.1907 - 1920Whitehaven
DBT/14/36Stray insurance policies relating to: Liverpool, Whitehaven, Calderbridge, Distington, Egremont, Seascale, Irton and Gosforth1860 - 1920Whitehaven
DBT/15/1Returns of the parishes of Arlecdon, Bromfield, Egremont, Eskdale, Gosforth, Harrington, Hensingham, Loweswater, Seascale, Whitehaven and Whithorn, (Wigtownshire)(Land values)1910Whitehaven
YPR 20/27Ordnance survey sheet 78 SW for Seascale parish (1900), and Ordnance Survey index sheets for Gosforth and St. Bees parishes (c1865); scale 6" to 1 milecirca 1865-1900Whitehaven
YPR 13/47Wooden box of glass-plate black and white positive photographs (3.3 ins. square, tape-bound), for lantern lecturesNumbered series, with descriptive titles; some have been re-numbered. Missing items shown by a blank after their number in the list
Most of the subjects are studies of local people outside their houses, in best or working clothes. Several were of private means, but most are local farmers and workpeople. The usual dress for these was:
Men Cap or bowler-hat, jacket, necktie, shirt, waistcoat, corduroy trousers, clogs. Several wore gaiters.
Women Cap or bonnet optional, long dress, apron, clogs.
Children Scaled-down versions of the same dress.
Several details of houses, gardens, gates, roads, pets.
Entries in brackets with dates are from the directories: Bulmer, 1883; Kelly, 1894, 1897, 1910. These are to supplement the labels already on the plates.

The district covered was Irton, Santon, Holmrook, Drigg, and Carleton; also a few in Seascale. Most of the pictures were taken in about 1890-1900. The labels on them are all in the same hand; but the numbers are in a later hand, and several have been changed.

Of particular interest
YPR13/47/2. Drigg Church exterior,
YPR13/47/12 Skating scene,
YPR13/47/16 Cycling,
YPR13/47/17 Sledging,
YPR13/47/18 Golf,
YPR13/47/7, 19 Tennis,
YPR13/47/143,144 Cricket at Holmrook,
YPR13/47/22 - 24 Drigg and Irton Parish Councils 1894-95
YPR13/47/29 and its Rural District Councillor,
YPR13/47/25, 27, and one unnumbered at end Drigg and Irton School groups,
YPR13/47/32 - 35 Holmrook Hall grounds,
YPR13/47/40 - 42 Irton Hall grounds and Hall,
YPR13/47/50 "Eskdale Train" at Miteside,
YPR13/47/86, 92 In Buxton,
YPR13/47/100 Seascale Lifeboat launching.
YPR13/47/107 Parrot in cage,
YPR13/47/120 - 121 Messrs. J L and S L Burns-Lindow
circa 1890s-1900sWhitehaven
BDTB/116Probate papers; title deeds; court papers1865-1920Barrow
YPR 8/152Census returns, Gosforth, Boonwood and Seascale, Bolton, High and Low, Bolton High1831Whitehaven
PH/1622Postcard of Burnett House Preparatory School, Seascalewith newspaper cutting1971Whitehaven
YDSO 100Evergreen Club, SeascaleConstitution, minutes, secretary's notes, subscriptions, handicraft exhibition books, adresses1963-2003Whitehaven
YPR 14/1/3/5Papers relating to formation of parish of St Cuthbert, Seascale1902 - 1904Whitehaven
PH/1623/3/2Calder School, Seascalecirca 1920sWhitehaven
PH/1623/3/1Calder Girls Schoolcirca 1920sWhitehaven
A New Watering Place on the Coast of Cumberland. Edward Kemp, Landscape Gardener, Birkenhead Park.
56 × 91
1" to 100'
Marine and public promenade, hotels, Church, station, builders yards, site for shops and cottages, tramway for use of builders.
YDX 525/3/2Seascale millennium calendar2000Whitehaven
CQPWH/8/1Register of Licenced PremisesIndexed register for the division of Whitehaven. Provides full details of public houses, ownership, tenancies, occassional licenses, extensions to licences, charges and objections to renewal. Details for premises in Arlecdon, Beckermet, Cleator Moor, Distington, Drigg, Egremont, Gosforth, Haile, Harrington, Irton with Santon, Lamplugh, Lowside Quarter, Lowca, Moresby, Netherwasdale, Parton, Ponsonby, Santon Bridge, Sandwith, Seascale, Whitehaven, Weddicar.1893-1968Whitehaven
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