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Full place name entryGosforth/Cumberland
Place NameGosforth

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DH/94Gosforth Parish court case1884Whitehaven
YDX 434Race Side, Wellington, Gosforth: deedsRace Side, Wellington, Gosforth: title deeds, 1810-1951.1810-1951Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/35Inventory of the goods of Christopher Herbert of Gosforth, husbandman, deceased9 Jun 1718Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/43Will of John Singleton of Millholm, Bootle, weaver13 Jul 1806Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/37Further abstract of title17 Oct 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/13Re-admittance of Anne Lindall to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)7 Mar 1785Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/42Will of Ann Lindall of Moorside, Gosforth, widow9 May 1804Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/23Manor of Bolton: general fine of Anthony Woodall for tenancy of Scarbrow following death of the previous lord.24 Apr 1685Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/41Appointment of William Mawson and John Woodall as overseers of the poor for Gosforth16 Apr 1748Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/23Deed of Enfranchisement of Hurigg Moorside to Thomas Singleton2 Feb 1814Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/14Re-admittance of Anne Lindall to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)5 May 1801Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/10Admittance of Anne Lindall to tenancy of Hewrigg Moorside (Manor of Newton and Seascale)23 Dec 1774Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/5Manor of Bolton: Surrender of messuage and tenement by Richard Marshal, and admittance of John Woodall29 Jan 1733Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/7Admittance of John Woodall to tenancy of Hewrigg Moorside (Manor of Seascale)2 Feb 1763Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/39Inventory of goods of Eleanor Herbert, deceased.16 Aug 1722Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/41Declaration regarding Moorside Estate by John Singleton, now of Liverpool24 Nov 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/27Manor of Seascale : Admittance of Elizabeth Gibson to tenancy of Moorside, Bolton, Gosforth, on surrender by her uncle John Sherwen1 Jun 1689Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/15Lease of Moor Side for seven years between Ann Lindle of Moorside and Robert Lindle of Moorside10 Jun 1807Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/29Probate of Thomas Singleton's will (will dated 2 Jan 1844)8 Jan 1845Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/40Manor of Bolton: general fine of Richard Marshall to tenancy of Moorside following death of lord of manor24 Sep 1725Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/48Printed notice from Gosforth enclosure commissioners regarding appointment of another commissioner22 Mar 1822Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/33Receipt of Nicholas SharpeFor payment of a legacy left by his father Thomas Sharpe of Harrowhead, Nether Wasdale, paid by his executors Frances Nicholson of Netherwasdale, widow, and Christopher Woodall of Moorside, Gosforth 7 Jan 1708Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/20Probate of Ann Lindall's will (will dated 29 May 1804)5 Apr 1810Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/3Conveyance of property [name illegible] between Richard Marshal of Whitehaven, and John Woodall of Moorside in Bolton, Gosforth29 Jan 1733Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/9Letters of administration granted to Anne Lindall, following the death of her father, John Woodall18 Oct 1774Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/45Manor of Newton and Seascale: admittance of Thomas Singleton to tenancy of Hewrigg Moorside, following surrender by Ann Lindall18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/6Probate of the will of Christopher Woodall (will dated 9 November 1744)29 Sep 1746Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/44Receipted bill paid to Richard Sherwen by Thomas Singleton for drawing up title deeds18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/21Re-admittance of Thomas Singleton to tenancy of Hewrigg Moorside (Manor of Seascale)21 Jun 1811Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/11Admittance of Anne Lindall to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)23 Dec 1774Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/17Conveyance of Hewrigg Moorside between Ann Lindall of Hewrigg Moorside and Thomas Singleton of Gate Rigg How, Irton18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/18Power of AttorneyConferred on Robert Lindall by Ann Lindall, authorising him to surrender Hewrigg Moorside on her behalf. She was to be allowed its use and occupation for life, but it to go to Thomas Singleton after her death.18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/2Deed poll between Anthony Askew of Kirkby Kendall and Christopher Woodall of Huriggmoorside, Gosforth4 Feb 1723Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/8Re-admittance of John Woodall to tenancy of Hew Rigg Moor-side (Manor of Seascale)23 Dec 1768Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/16Conveyance of Moorside between Ann Lindall of Hewrigg Moorside and Thomas Singleton of Gaterigg How, Irton18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/19Surrender of Moorside by Ann Lindall, and admittance of Thomas Singleton (Manor of Bolton)18 Jan 1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/28Schedule of deeds4 Feb 1837Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/12Re-admittance of Anne Lindall to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)21 Oct 1777Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/39Answers to the requisitions on title15 Oct 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/24Mortgage of Elson Bodle otherwise Moorside between Thomas Singleton of Hurigg Moorside and Miss Mary Thompson of Liverpool31 Jan 1818Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/35Copy of burial certificate for Elizabeth Singleton of Moorside, dated 9 March 185010 Oct 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/42Admittance of Ralph Brocklebank to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)20 May 1859Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/27Deed of assignment mortgage of Elsonbodle otherwise Moorsidebetween Mary Thompson of Liverpool, Thomas Singleton of Hurigg Moorside and Isaac Gaitskell of Midtown, Drigg4 Feb 1837Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/31Deed of assignment mortgage of Elson Bodle otherwise Moorsidebetween Isaac Gaitskell, now of Whiteain House, Irton, John Singleton of Hurigg Moorside and John Cook of Hall Carlton, Drigg2 Feb 1855Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/30Mortgage of Elson Bodle otherwise Moorsidebetween John Singleton of Hurig Moorside and Isaac Gaitskell, now of Whitehouse7 Feb 1851Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/43Legacy receipts27 Feb 1881Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/36Abstract of title of John Singleton to freehold and customary tenements sold to Thomas Brocklebank, Esquire17 Sep 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/38Abstract of the will of Thomas Brocklebank, deceased, and statement of facts relating to the sale of certain real estate under the will1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/33Advertisement for sale of Moorside Estate on this dateWith Conditions of sale. This also records that the estate was bought by Thomas Brocklebank Esquire of Greenlands and of Liverpool for the sum of £302024 July 1857Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/32Admittance of John Singleton to tenancy of Moorside (Manor of Bolton)20 May 1857Whitehaven
YDX 421/3Bolton Hall estateSale particulars, including Bolton Hall, Julian Holme Farm, Scot Hall, Hall Bolton Farm, Kemplerigg Farm, Hawkbarrow Farm, Meolbank Farm. With plan.21 Jun 1951Whitehaven
DBT/27/2GOSFORTHProperty including joiners shop, Gosforth Gate 1882Whitehaven
YDX 434/3Will of Thomas HerbertCopy of probate will of Thomas Herbert of Hinningside, Gosforth, shoemaker.10 Jan 1863Whitehaven
YDX 434/6Abstract of titleAbstract of title of the trustees of John Pharaoh, deceased, to premises and plot of land at Wellington, Gosforth. With plan.1951Whitehaven
YDX 434/1FeoffmentFeoffment:
1)Ephraim Middleton of Spring Field, Gosforth, yeoman, and John Moor of Gosforth, blacksmith
2) Thomas Herbert of Gosforth, shoemaker
of land, being part of the garden of the house of John Moor, for £26.
2 Feb 1810Whitehaven
YDX 434/2MortgageMortgage:
1)Thomas Herbert of Gosforth, shoemaker
2) Moses Plummer of Boonwood, Gosforth, farmer
of two dwelling houses, shoemaker's shop and schoolroom, at Wellington, Gosforth, on security of repayment of £100 with interest.
18 Feb 1858Whitehaven
YDX 434/4ConveyanceConveyance:
1)Moses Plummer of Gosforth, farmer, and others
2) Aaron Steele of Gosforth, joiner
of two dwelling houses, shoemaker's shop and schoolroom or joiner's shop at Wellington or Hinningside, Gosforth, for £205.
6 Apr 1865Whitehaven
CQPBO/2Court Files and Papers1863-1920Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2Orders by Bootle Petty Sessions1870-1920Whitehaven
CQPBO/2/2/1Bastardy Orders1870-1908Whitehaven
YDSO 91Gosforth Anglers' Club Minute books and member lists1926-1972Whitehaven
YPR 8/22Terrier1778Whitehaven
YPR 8/23Terrier1867Whitehaven
YPR 8/24Terrier1878Whitehaven
SRDE/2/4Treasurer: Rate Books1934-1952Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/11Probate grant (no will attached) for Thomas Sharp, late of Wasdale, granted to Frances Nicholson and Agnes Woodell20 May 1608Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/5Bargain and sale of Elsabodle, GosforthJohn Shearewen of Irton, shearman, to his son John Shearewen.1577Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/4Manor of Seascale: Surrender of messuage and tenement by Richard Marshall, and admittance of John Woodall29 Jan 1733Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/8Quitclaim of Elsabodle, GosforthJames Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, yeoman, to John Sherwen of Santon, Irton, glover.20 Nov 1590Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/2Bond in £20 to warrant title of Elsebodey, GosforthWilliam Tubman of Mooreside, Gosforth, husbandman bound to James Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, husbandman.5 Mar 1576Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/6Quitclaim regarding Elsabode, GosforthRichard Sherwen of St Clement Danes, London, son of Christopher Sherwen, late of Gosforth, of his right in premises to John Sherwen junior of Irton, for £5.12 Sep 1579Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/25Bond in £40Edward Walker of Wyndmoorside, Gosforth, weaver, bound to Anthony Woodall of Gosforth, yeoman, for performance of covenants of deed of same date.6 Sep 1686Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/3Lease of of Elsebodey, GosforthJames Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, husbandman, to his brother William Tubman of Mooreside, Gosforth, husbandman, for the term of William's life, for three pecks of rye annually. 8 Mar 1576Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/20Manor of Bolton: general fineReceipts for two halves of general fine paid by Christopher Woodall at change of the lord, signed by Agnes Kirkby26 Jul 1650, 26 Jul 1651Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/16Bond in £50William Moore of Hall Flatt, yeoman, bound to Anthony Woodall of Drigg, yeoman, for performance of covenants of indenture.25 Apr 1614Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/28Bond in £100John Sherwen of Moorside, Gosforth, yeoman, bound to Elizabeth Gibson of Dublin, spinster, for performance of covenants of indenture of same date.1 Jun 1689Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/9Quitclaim of Elsabodle, GosforthJames Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, yeoman, to John Sherwen of Santon, Irton, husbandman.1 Oct 1591Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/30Bond in £5Christopher Woodall of Moorside, Gosforth, bachelor, and John Woodall of Thornbank bound to Roger Kirkby of Kirkby Hall, Lancs, esquire, for repayment of 50s before 25 July next. 1 Jan 1692Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/7Feoffment of Blengbrow, GosforthJames Tubman of Blengbrow to his brother Thomas Tubman of Blengbrow and Thomas' son John Tubman, to the use of James' wife Elizabeth Tubman during her life.4 [Oct] 1579Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/14Feoffment of Elsabodle, GosforthRichard Sherwen of Santon, yeoman, Thomas Sherwen of Beckermet, glover and Helen Sherwen, their sister, to William Moore of Hall Flatt, yeoman, for £30.2 May 1613Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/21Manor of Bolton: verdict of jurors in controversy between Christopher Woodall and John Sherwen Controversy concerning pasturage, ploughing and stints. Jurors' names given.25 Apr 1653Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/15Feoffment of Elsabodle, GosforthWilliam Moore of Hall Flatt, yeoman, to Anthony Woodall of Drigg, yeoman, for £25.26 Jul 1613Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/34Probate (with copy of will) of Christopher Herbert of Gosforth. Will dated 29 March 1708.1 Oct 1718Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/19Bond in £40John Benson of Moorside, husbandman, bound to Christopher Woodhall of Gosforth, for performance of covenants of conveyance of same date. 18 Apr 1628Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/17Quitclaim relating to land called Meadow Slack or Milnerhouse, Bolton, GosforthRichard Troughton of Cragghouse, Irton, to Anthony Woodall of Bolton, Irton, for £20 10s.4 Feb 1622Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/24Deed of defeasance of Moorside, GosforthAnthony Woodall of Gosforth, yeoman, to Edward Walker of Wyndmoorside, Gosforth, webster, for repayment of £20 with interest.6 Sep 1686Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/38Probate (with copy of will) of Eleanor Herbert of [place missing], Gosforth. Will dated 29 August 17211722Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/18Conveyance of Moorside, GosforthJohn Benson of Moorside, husbandman to Christopher Woodhall of Elsonbodell, Gosforth, bachelor, for £26 10s.18 Apr 1628Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/26Manor of Seascale: admittance of John Sherwen to tenancy of Moorside, Bolton, Gosforth, following the death of his father12 Feb 1689Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/46Bond in £200Thomas Singleton of Gaterigg How, Irton, yeoman, bound to Isaac Singleton of same and Jane his wife for payment of an annuity of £20.1808Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/37Mortgage of Elsonboadle, Hurigg Moorside, GosforthJohn Woodall of Boulthow, Bolton, to Mathew Russell of Mainyatt, Irton, for repayment of instalments of £14 with interest.9 Oct1713Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/44Plan of MoorsidePlan showing layout of fields at Elson Bodle, Moorside, Gosforth (includes illustration of house described as "Woodall's habitation".21 Mar 1768Whitehaven
YDX 560/2Isabell Postlethwayte of Peel Place, GosforthInventory and administration4 November 1671Whitehaven
YPR 8/25Terrier1894Whitehaven
SRDE/4Public Health Department1942Whitehaven
YDX 434/5Will of Aaron SteeleProbate will of Aaron Steele of Gosforth, carpenter.28 Feb 1902Whitehaven
YDX 4/1Particulars of property for sale.Covers sale of properties in Beckermet, Branthwaite, Calderbridge, Gosforth, Nethertown, Sellafield and St Bridget's.1909Whitehaven
SRDE/1/2/3Clerk: other records, other functions1936-1969Whitehaven
DBT/10/58Draft conveyance of land and sheep - Gosforth1902Whitehaven
DBT/26/46/2Papers relating to the tenancy and sale of cottages at Denton Hill, Gosforth1916, 1918 - 1919 1916 - 1919Whitehaven
YDX 629/12Gosforth Show1934-2005Whitehaven
DBT/26/4/1Release relating to property at Gosforth1830Whitehaven
DBT/6/622Sale particulars, deeds and papers relating to the estate of Henry Walker, farmer of BeckermetParticularly concerning the sale of estates at Sellafield, Gosforth, Calderbridge, Beckermet, Nethertown and Branthwaite 1909 - 1913, 1918, not dated1909 - 1918Whitehaven
DBT/10/56Conveyance of dwelling house and premises at Blengside, Gosforth1900Whitehaven
DBT/10/55Conveyance of the Holm, Gosforth1854Whitehaven
DBT/10/167Mortgage of properties at Gosforth, Seascale, Drigg and Cleator Moor1887Whitehaven
DBT/12/34Letters relating to the proposed purchase of land in Gosforth1913Whitehaven
DBT/27/13GOSFORTH, PONSONBY, IRTONNo title. O.S. 69 × 98. 6" to 1 mile. Calder Bridge, Gosforth, Wellington, plantations; [parish] boundaries 1878Whitehaven
DBT/5/76/2Particulars and papers relating to the sale of various properties in Gosforth(Estate of Mrs Catherine Musgrave, deceased, second wife of John Musgrave)1881Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/31Marriage settlementAnthony Woodall of Elsonbodle, Gosforth, webster, on the occasion of his intended marriage to Janet Towerson, daughter of William Towerson the elder of Aldby, Cleator, conveys his tenement of Elsonbodle to William Towerson the younger of Aldby, and John Sharpe of Wath, as trustees to the use of Anthony and Janet and their heirs, reserving half of the premises to his parents Christopher Woodall and Elizabeth Woodall during their lives.28 May 1675Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/1Bargain and sale of tenantright of Elsebodey, GosforthWilliam Tubman of Mooreside, Gosforth, husbandman to James Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, husbandman, for £8 13s 4d.5 Mar 1576Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/32Receipt of Nicholas Sharpe for payment of a legacy from Christopher Woodall of Moorside, Gosforth Aug 1703Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/40Conveyance of property at Moorsidebetween John Singleton and others and Trustees under the will of the late Thomas Brocklebank20 Nov 1857Whitehaven
YDX 344Gosforth photographs1990Whitehaven
DH/180Gosforth Rate BookPoor rate assessment book including a list of owners and occupiers, addresses and descriptions of properties, rateable values, assessments and monies collected. The whole rate was collected (at sixpence in the pound) amounting to £111 and tuppence.1848Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/B/26Stamp Office forms recording the payment of legacies to various beneficiaries of Ann Lindall's will28 Jun 1825Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/4Quitclaim regarding Elsebodey, GosforthWilliam Tubman of Mooreside, Gosforth, husbandman of his right in premises to James Tubman of Blengbrow, Gosforth, husbandman, but to enjoy tenure of same during life of himself, wife and children paying 6d annually to James.12 Feb 1577Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/10Settlement of Elsabodle, GosforthJohn Sherwen of Santon, yeoman, of the premises to Robert Christopherson of Beckermet, glover, and William Christopherson of Dryhowe, Dunnerdale, Lancs., wright, to the use of Richard Sherwen and his heirs and if default then to Thomas Sherwen, both sons of John Sherwen.14 Mar 1602Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/12Bargain and sale of Elsabodle, GosforthRichard Sherwen of Santon, yeoman, Thomas Sherwen of Beckermet, glover and Hellen Sherwen, their sister, to William Moore of Hall Flatt, yeoman, for £30.26 Jul 1611Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/13Bond in £60Richard Sherwen of Hallsanton, husbandman, Thomas Sherwen of Beckermet, husbandman and Hellen Sherwen of Hallsanton, their sister, bound to William Moore of Hall Flatt, yeoman, for performance of covenants of conveyance of Elsabodle of same date.26 Jul 1611Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/29Manor of Bolton: admittance to MoorsideAdmittance of Elizabeth Gibson, daughter of Robert Gibson of Dublin, to tenancy of Moorside, Gosforth, on the surrender of John Sherwen of Hurigmoor, Gosforth, yeoman.7 Jun 1689Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/36Bargain and sale of Hurigg Moorside or Robinson Ground, Gosforth Anthony Raymond, Vicar of Trimm, Ireland, and Elizabeth his wife, to Richard Marshall of Snothoe, Gosforth, carpenter, for £37 12s 6d.20 Feb 1712Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/47Bond in £200Thomas Singleton of Gaterigg How, Irton, yeoman, bound to Jacob Singleton of Gosforth, blacksmith, for payment of £100 (further details of receipients of trusts and legacies given).26 May 1808Whitehaven
YDX 421West Cumberland sales particularsWartime cooking in Cumberland, 1940; sale particulars: furniture at Gatehouse, Eskdale, 1949; Bolton Hall estate (2), 1951; Irton Hall estate, 1946.1940-1951Whitehaven
DBT/10/57Draft reconveyance of land at Holmeside, Gosforth1902Whitehaven
DBT/10/54Copy deeds relating to premises called Moor Close and land called High Lingbank and Lowfield, Gosforth[copies]1694 - 1774 Whitehaven
DBT/10/160/2Mortgage of Sides estate, Gosforth1876Whitehaven
YDX 569/7Copy documents relating to Steele and Borrowdale familiesIncluding:;; agreement re payment of legacy by Edward Steele, Robert Steele and Anthony Steel, executors of Anthony Borrowdale, executor of William Borrowdale, executor of Jane Borrowdale, to Jane Fisher by the will of Jane Borrowdale, witnessed by John Fisher, Henry Fisher and Jane Fisher1667Whitehaven
CQPBOBootle Petty SessionsPetty Sessions for Bootle Petty Sessional Division were held at Bootle and Millom on alternative Saturdays1861-1922Whitehaven
DBH/7/5Papers, including copy deeds for various property Papers, including copy deeds for property at Hensingham, Whitehaven, Gilcrux, Distington, Harrington, St Bees, land in Dunnerdale with Seathwaite, Corney Hall Estate, Sandwith, Cleator Moor, Gosforth, Rottington Estate, referring to the property and estate of Robert and Sarah Curwen1851 - 1860Whitehaven
YSPC 12/43Minutes, signedJan 2004 - Dec 2008Whitehaven
DBT/8/76/3Final agreements (2) relating to GosforthAmong the papers of Isaac Cook, farmer of Gosforth1832Whitehaven
PH/1577/8Postcards of Wastwater, Napes Needle (2), Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (4), map of English Lakeland, Scale Force, Gosforth Church, Ennerdale from Green Gable, Esk Valley from Muncaster Castle, Muncaster Castle main gate, Muncaster Castle, the Terrace, Muncaster Castle, Harecroft Hall, Gosforth.Whitehaven
YPR 20/24Schedule relating to the union of the benefices of Wasdale and Gosforth1978Whitehaven
DBT/6/420Papers Including: draft agreement; accounts; vouchers; particulars of sale with plans (4) of estates, lands and premises at Sellafield, Gosforth, Calderbridge, St Bridgets, Beckermet, Nethertown and Branthwaite; the Whitehaven News, with advertisement for letting of Low Prior Scale Farm Beckermet; employers indemnity policy and poem "Merry Charlie" written for Charles Mossop, relating to the estates of Charles and John Sharpe Mossop, 1868 - 1916, 1926 1868 - 1926Whitehaven
YAINAinsworth family of the Flosh, Cleator and Harecroft Hall, Gosforth, iron ore mine and mill ownersIncluding pedigrees, letters, wills, birth, marriage and death certificates. Map of Cleator.1819-c1940Whitehaven
YDSO 39/33Gosforth Waste Water Treatment WorksOA North was commissioned by United Utilities Ltd to undertake an archaeological watching brief to oversee excavation of two manhole pits at Gosforth WWTW, carried out over two days in August 20032003Whitehaven
YDX 430/18/52Jane Matterson of Whitecroft, Gosforth6 May 1906Whitehaven
DBT/10/157Draft mortgages relating to: Egremont, Whitehaven, Harrington, Cleator, Netherwasdale, Distington, Winscales, Arlecdon, Frizington, St Bees, Cleator Moor, Lamplugh, Ravenglass, Liverpool, Rowrah, Irton and Gosforth 1860 - 1869Whitehaven
DBT/10/193Bundle of draft deedsRelating to: Lamplugh, Liverpool, Beckermet, Distington, Gosforth, St Bees, Egremont, Bransty, Harrington, Whitehaven and Eskett 1891 - 1910Whitehaven
DBT/10/194Bundle of draft deedsRelating to: Drigg, Whitehaven, Hensingham, Seascale, Beckermet, St Bees, Egremont, Lamplugh, Bransty, Frizington, Gosforth, Arlecdon, Moresby 1879 - 1911Whitehaven
DBT/14/36Stray insurance policies relating to: Liverpool, Whitehaven, Calderbridge, Distington, Egremont, Seascale, Irton and Gosforth1860 - 1920Whitehaven
DBT/15/1Returns of the parishes of Arlecdon, Bromfield, Egremont, Eskdale, Gosforth, Harrington, Hensingham, Loweswater, Seascale, Whitehaven and Whithorn, (Wigtownshire)(Land values)1910Whitehaven
YPR 20/27Ordnance survey sheet 78 SW for Seascale parish (1900), and Ordnance Survey index sheets for Gosforth and St. Bees parishes (c1865); scale 6" to 1 milecirca 1865-1900Whitehaven
DBH/4/5Hartley family1856 - 1886, 1907, 1909 Deeds and papers relating to the Hartley family, Gillfoot Mansion House, Rose Castle Farm, Closes of land called "Brows", Gosforth, Springkeld and Bleng Tongue Estates.1856 - 1909 [gaps]Whitehaven
YPR 8/152Census returns, Gosforth, Boonwood and Seascale, Bolton, High and Low, Bolton High1831Whitehaven
CQPWH/8/1Register of Licenced PremisesIndexed register for the division of Whitehaven. Provides full details of public houses, ownership, tenancies, occassional licenses, extensions to licences, charges and objections to renewal. Details for premises in Arlecdon, Beckermet, Cleator Mooor, Distington, Drigg, Egremont, Gosforth, Haile, Harrington, Irton with Santon, Lamplugh, Lowside Quarter, Lowca, Moresby, Netherwasdale, Parton, Ponsonby, Santon Bridge, Sandwith, Seascale, Whitehaven, Weddicar.1893-1968Whitehaven
DH/94/1Brief for the respondents in Regina v Jefferson et alThe respondents comprise Henry Jefferson, James R Bain and John H McKenzie, Justices of the Peace for Cumberland, and John Wigley. The case was taken to High Court by the Overseers of Gosforth Parish to compel the JPs to issue a warrant against Wrigley for non-payment of the poor rate.1884Whitehaven
DH/180/1Poor rate assessment book for the parish of GosforthIincludes a list of owners and occupiers, addresses and descriptions of properties, rateable values, assessments and monies collected. The whole rate was collected (at sixpence in the pound) amounting to £111 and tuppence.1848Whitehaven
DH/549/1Entry ticket for a ball at the Queen's Arms, Gosforth1839Whitehaven
BDTB/74Probate papers; court cases; title deeds1879-1937Barrow
BDTB/125Title deeds, probate recordsDraft leases of Stephenson Ground, Dunnerdale, 1877-1883, with related papers. Sales particulars for Baskell and Borrowdale Place estates 1889. Draft Will of Thomas Lindow of Lindal Moor, mining surveyor, 1892. James Todd of Broughton, joiner: bankruptcy papers 1879. Wills of George Lawrence of Dalton 1901. Sales book of household furniture of Rose Cottage, Gosforth belonging to Mrs Tyson 1899. Miscellaneous estate papers including Isabella Borrow, 1945. 1877-1945Barrow
YDX 439/1Gretigate stone circlesReport of archaeological geophysical survey of alleged stone circles at Gretigate, Gosforth, by Centre for Field Archaeology, University of Edinburgh.Jun 1993Whitehaven
YSPC 12Gosforth Parish CouncilMinutes Books Clerk's Records Financial Records Plans Photographs1810-2017Whitehaven
YSPC 12/42Minutes, signedApr 2000 - Dec 2003Whitehaven
YDGO/BROCKLEBANK/BOX 3/A/22Manor of Seascale: general fine of John Sherwen for half a tenement in Bolton, Gosforth.9 May 1682Whitehaven
WDB 35/1/207Irton and Gosforth, Cumberland.Irton Hall - mansion, lands and cottages. Parsonage Farm and land. Aikbank Farm and land. Cragg Farm and land. Bridgend Farm. Santon Bridge Inn and Farm. Several lots of land. Santon Bridge Smithy and cottage. Santon Bridge Post Office. Mire Cottages and woodland. Sandbank Farm. Bower House Inn and farm. Crag House farm. Dales Garth and Hall Stanton smallholdings. Hall Flat Farm. Greenkands, house and land. Croft Cottage. Sorrow Stones Farm. Warwarrow Farm. Field End Cottage. Haw Rigg Farm. Snowden Cottage. With plans and includes photographs.
Owned by Sir Thomas Brocklebank. Freehold.

Also: Gosforth Bolton Hall mansion. Templerigg Farm, Scot Hall smallholding, Meal Bank Farm, Bolton Hall Farm, Moorside Farm, Rainors Farm and two cottages, Julian Holme Farm, Hawkbarrow Farm and cottage, Thistleton Farm, Bengarth Farm, Peagill smallholding and allotment, Hall Senna Farm and cottage, Bolt How Farm, Peel Place Farm, Gillgrass Quarry and house, two cottages and a wood, Nethertown Farm and land. With plans.
Owned by Sir Thomas Brocklebank. Freehold.
6 Oct 1921Kendal
SRDEEnnerdale Rural District CouncilMinute books, attendance book, registers, letter books, contracts, rate books, plan registers etc1922-1974Whitehaven
YCOP/12Photocopy of Inquisition post mortem of Rowland KyrkbyHeld at Torpenhow on 26 April, 35 Henry VIII [1543]. He died seised in fee tail with Mary Senhouse of:
1) Twenty two messuages and 140 acres of land in Bolton and Butle, by grant of Henry Kyrkby, his father dated 8 March, 30 Henry VIII [1538/9], etc. as recited in the previous Inquisition.
2) The reversion of ten messuages and 200 acres of land in Bolton, Holmerooke and Buttelle, which Eleanor Kirkby mother of Rowland holds by grant recited in the previous Inquisition. [N.B. she was then Eleanor Chine].
3) The reversion of 30 messuages, 200 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow and 200 acres of pasture in Cleter, Hayle, Gosfurthe, Bolton, Butele, (?) between Eske and Dudden, and the mill of (?Seaton), which Katherine Kirkby, grandmother of Rowland holds for life for her jointure. Value p.a. £3.
4) The reversion of certain messuages lands and tenements in Bolton which William Kirkeby uncle of Rowland holds for life. Value p.a. £4.
He died on 6 March, 32 Henry VIII [1540/1], and William Kirkeby is his uncle and next heir, aged 19 years and 46 weeks and 3 days. John Senhouse esq. took the profit of 12 messuages in Bolton for one year after Rowland's death, value £3. 15s. 5d., and William Kirkeby received the profit of the remainder.
26 April 1543Whitehaven
YCOP/13Photocopy of Inquisition post mortem of William Kyrkby gentHeld at Cockermouth on the 17th July, 36 Henry VIII, [1544]
He died seised of:
1) Twenty six messuages, 200 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, and 1,000 acres of moor in Bottyll, Bolton, Stanton, Cleetor, Gosfurthe, Whytbek, and of Stanton water mill.
The lands etc. in Bootle, Bolton and Cleator (lengthy list of tenants given) were conveyed by deed dated 2 July, 35 Henry VIII [1543] to Nicholas Thornboroughte gentleman and William Walker clerk who were to grant it to William Kyrkby and Isabel his wife for their lives for her jointure with subsequent reversion to the heirs of William. This was effected by deed dated 4 July 1543 (Isabella still alive at date of Inquisition).
Lands etc. in Bootle, Bolton & Cleator worth £10. 6s. 6d.
2) Four messuages, 30 acres of land, 20 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture in Bolton and Butoll (tenants etc. specified), leased for life to Thomas Parker by deed dated 13 November, 34 Henry VIII [1542].
Value 8s. 4d. p.a.
3) The reversion of eleven messuages, 200 acres of land in Bolton, Stanton, Gosfurthe and Buttole, which Henry Kirkby, brother of William, by deed dated 23 August 29 Henry VIII [1537] granted to Ellen [Elena] Kyrkby for life.
Value £7 p.a.
He died 30 August 35 Henry VIII [1543], and Elizabeth Kyrkby is his daughter and next heir, aged 7 months and 6 days.
17 July 1544Whitehaven
DMGJohn Musgrave, solicitor and businessman, Wasdale Hall, NetherwasdaleFamily records and business and investment papers of John Musgrave reflecting his extensive involvement in West Cumbrian civic life. For railways and industries, see: DMG/37/1, 3; 38/1-6, 8, 39/2, 5; 40; 44; 45/1; 46/1-4; 57/1; 60/1-2; 68/1; 92/1; 93/1; 127/1; 145; 157/1; 162/1; 167/2-3; 179/8, 11; 184; 186/7, 11; 187/5, 8, 9, 14, 15; 188/4, 5, 10, 12, 17-21; 188/23, 31; 190/6, 7, 12; 191/1, 5; 196/3-5, 8, 12-13; 198/5, 15; 199/3, 4, 15; 204/14; 205; 209/6; 216/6; 217/2, 8; 218/2, 3; 224/2, 3; 226/1, 3; 227/6, 7; 232/5; 234/5; 235/3; 238/1; 242/4; 250/3; 251/3.1615-1917Whitehaven
WDSO 117/2/6/53/3Papers relating to Gosforth footpaths1953-1954Kendal
YPR 8Gosforth, St Mary ParishRegisters, Glebe and Income, Church Fabric and Churchyard, Bank books, Incumbent, Charities and Schools, Vestry, Churchwardens, Parochial Church Card Stray Papers1697 - 2019Whitehaven
YDX 458/4Gosforth Millennium Celebrations photograph albumWith a bundle of loose photographs, newspaper articles and leaflets about the events at the back2000Whitehaven
YDSO 27/35/4Scrapbook including 90th anniversary celebrationsPhotos, programmes, fliers recipes, newspaper cuttings and reports on events and activities 2009-2011Whitehaven
YDX 366/41Sales particulars for Flosh and Harecroft Estates.Sales particulars for Flosh and Harecroft Estates, auctioned on 9 September 1924, formerly owned by Sir John Stirling Ainsworth. Includes Gosforth Estate of Harecroft; Thornbank and Gosforth Hall. Cleator Estate includes The Flosh; Low Lodge; High Lodge; Brookside Allotments; Nos 1-5 Cleator Gate; Nos 48-70 Main St, Cleator; Nos 1-32 Prospect Row; Nos 2-10 Church St Cottages; Nos 11-19a Church St; Nos 1-14 Old Hall; Nos 1-6 Croft Terrace; Nos 1-4 Ivy Cottages. Cleator Moor Estate includes Nos 13-20 High Street, Cleator Moor; Jacktrees Road; No 12 Dyke St, Frizington. Ennerdale Estate includes Ennerdale Mill; Sowerby and Redfern allotments; Broadmoor Cottages; Woodman's Cottage, Woodend; and iron ore yard, Whitehaven. Includes 5 plans.9 Sep 1924Whitehaven
YDB 79/50Bradbury House, GosforthSite data including photos and negatives, Heritage Impact Assessment, Geophysical Survey Assessment and final Archaeological Evaluation Report. Site code: BHG-A. Project code: CL11919Dec 2016-Mar 2017Whitehaven
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